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Have a Questions about our Penny Auction Script ?

Do you want to find out more about our world class Penny Auction Software? Click each question to see the answer appear immediately below it. If you have additional questions please give us a call!

Can I get admin panel access to your demo ?

Yes! We provide a seperate administration demonstration for propective buyers to browse. This version of our admin panel demo is disabled to prevent abuse.

I've already purchased an unstable script from another vendor. Do you provide discounts for people changing over to your platforms ?

We do provide discounts for users who have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with some of our competitors. We are aware of sites such as phppennyauction/auctionwebsite script (sells a CakePHP based software that crashes when you have volume auctions), Penny Auction Soft (selling an unstable PHP script coded in India), PennyauctionsPro (selling stolen penny auction soft), itech scripts (selling unstable vulnerable software). Unfortunately in most cases you get what you pay for or in some cases more than you bargined for when you can't reach them on the phone for support. Never fear! Give us a try and you won't be disappointed. To receive a discount provide us with the following:

  • Download link to that script
  • Payment invoice or Paypal reciept of the other script
  • Email/Site verification
Why is your script better than others on the market ?
Penny Auction Software
Andre Robinson (CEO)

Our software stands apart from all other penny auction scripts because it was designed from the ground up to support 10 million users. YES! 10 Million users. That is the power of cloud computing and the reason why so many penny auction scripts on the market fail shortly after they are deployed. The same old story happens, someone like you buys a penny auction script, the site gets setup and your raring and ready to go. You populate your site with products and begin advertising. The next thing that happens is nasty and unforgivable. Your site begins bearing fruit and users flood your site to bid on auctions. The next thing that happens is your auctions come to a crawl and eventually your server crashes. The problem is this: PHP Penny AUction Scripts have to be coded with Cloud computing support or they will simply fail in the Penny Auction environment. This is what sets us apart from all competitors. Designed by a professional PHP programming team, our penny auction software was build to support as many users as you can find. We have also packed hundreds of features in our software that no other script on the market offers.

Which auction types/features does your software have ?

The easiest way to check if Penny Pro Auctions is right for you is to review our features page or give us a call and we can answer all your questions directly on the phone.

Something also to keep in mind: If our software doesn't have the feature you are looking for we can generally code it for you for an additional cost.

Whats the main difference between your software packages ?
Standard Packages
Encrypted Source Code

This package offers you just the software, support, free installation and one month free server rent.

Plus,Pro,Super Packages
99.99% Full Source Code

These sets of packages offer additional features and services additional to the Standard Package. For instance, these packages generally come with a free custom template, SEO services, Custom 800 number, Google adwords coupon, Desktop auto lister software or our Penny Auction Wealth Book.

Do you guys design logos or templates ?
Penny Auction Software

We offer premium logo, custom template and branding design services for an additional fee or inclusive in a package purchase.

What is the auto lister software ?

Penny Pro Auctions has thought of everything including after we sell you the penny auction website. Running a penny auction can be tendious work day to day. Thats why we build a custom desktop application that allows you to autolist auctions for the whole day with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also auto schedule listings if you go away. This lets you focus on the things you do best like running your auction, shipping items or answering support questions. This software significantly reduces the need for employees as well as listing auctions can be a full time job.

Which Language(s) are supported in your penny auction software ?

Our front end and admin panel comes packed with language and currency support for your country and translating a language pack is easy:

  1. Chinese
  2. Spanish
  3. English
  4. Arabic
  5. Hindi
  6. Portuguese
  7. Bengali
  8. Russian
  9. Japanese
  10. German
  11. Dutch
  12. French
Do I need technical experience to operate this software ?
Penny Auction Software
Andre Robinson (CEO)

At Penny Pro Auctions we believe in making starting your own penny auction as easy as possible. Thats what we install and configure your server for you and deliver a complete turn key web site and in some cases depending on the package you order will personally train you to use the software.

Are there any restrictions on the source code ?

To prevent piracy we protect a handful of source code files to prevent illegal reselling.

This does not prevent customization or customized programming.

Penny Auction Software
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